About Us

ABKELK is an innovative company that always brings its production to a high level with its engineers team.

The main reason ABKELK is preferred in many sectors at domestic market and abroad is that our production power , innovative R & D and high technology.

We started to serve to the electrical insulation sector with our domestic productions in all processes from raw material to mold technology and manufacturing methods in cold applied insulation materials.

Our specially designed and made with cold application method insulation covers are defend the various wild animals contacts including birds and other flying animals. In addition these insulations prevent such electrical cuts caused by tree branches in forest zones. Besides, our insulation covers are provide full life security.

  • Our products are in halogen free form acoording to ASTM D2702-05
  • The products are homogenous and all parts have the same thickness. (In edges and other areas there is no thinning. That will give you the best possible insulation.
  • Hydrophobic surface.
  • Long life guaranteed. Durable to UV rays.
  • Long last mechanical causes. According to TS ISO 37
  • Perfect electrical insulation. According to TS EN 60060-1:2013
  • V0 fireproof feature. According to TS EN 60695-2-11:2014
  • Long shelf life.
  • Application is supper easy and practical.

Our products have electrical, physical and chemical test reports from independent and accredited laboratories of LVT, TÜBİTAK UME, TSE, TESLA and Hacettepe University, according to IEC and TSE standards.