Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser

Ceramic oxygen diffuser is preferred due to its properties such as surface area width, cleanability, durability, ease of installation and disassembly.

Oxygen Consumption: 7,5 gr/h and 440 gr/h

Operating Presuure : 0,5 -2,5 bar

Bubble Size : 20 – 100 µm

Test Pressure : 10 bar

Cleanability : Plastic and ceramic connection area of ceramic oxygen diffuser is provided with rubber seal. Plastic parts can be removed by hand and ceramic parts can be cleaned. No glue used for the connection of ceramic and plastic parts of the oxygen diffuser.

Technical and Conditions of Use: It is very important that the air bubbles are small in order to dissolve the oxygen in the liquid or to dissolve the oxygen in the water. Produces bubbles with a diameter of 20-100µm at a pressure range of 0.5 - 2.5 bar. Oxygen solubility is at maximum level.

Areas of usage : Fish farming in ponds, live fish transport tanks, live feed production, hatcheries, adaptation pools and large aquariums.